What's the best we can do for our kids?

The prospects for our children's future worsen by the day, regardless of climate change. What already looked like a bleak future will be made intolerable by even the best case projections of climate change impacts. And yet we are encouraged to carry on regardless, as if there is a future worth fighting for. 

On top of which we have the clear, present and ominous impacts of climate change.  I want to ask; why continue playing this game? Who are we doing it for? And what are the alternatives?

Let's not kid ourselves - catching the bus once a week and switching to low energy lightbulbs ain't gonna cut it. And even if it did, it would still leave us with all the issues outlined on the right.


The issues


  • Fewer opportunities for play, fewer green spaces, more tv, more computer games, less freedom
  • Increasing pressure at school to study, study, study
  • Less time with family, all out working, coming home too tired to play
  • Increased economic hardship - paying off the bankers debts, working longer for fewer benefits
  • Repression - for all the talk of freedom, day after day more laws are added to the old ones, more surveillance
  • Less security, more war. Go figure
  • Greater inequality